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Bursich offers High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning, also known as Spatial Imaging, which allows us to produce high-definition 3D topographic and as-built surveys at a 1/8" tolerance to clients in a variety of industries including transportation, wastewater, industrial, and architecture. Your deliverable — interoperable with AutoCAD or MicroStation — can either be a point cloud, which essentially shows points in space, or a 2D or 3D drawing. In addition to providing enhanced deliverables and increased accuracy, this service can save clients time and money. Furthermore, it functions in environments with restricted or unsafe access through the use of no contact measurements.

Our goal is to work with you closely at the beginning of the project to ensure that we capture only the data that you require. This is especially important since the point cloud produced by the scanner contains millions of points. Ultimately, this up-front coordination will ensure that you will be given an enhanced product at a fair price with no impact to your computer network.

32nd Street Retaining Wall Scan

32nd Street Retaining Wall Scan

Bursich employed a high-definition 3D laser scanner to map the face of a retaining wall, including the existing batter, track profile, and overhead catenary features. Bursich was able to survey the wall from outside of the SEPTA right-of-way, avoiding any interruption in transit service. This was a feat considering the close proximity of the wall to the tracks and a limited staging area at ground level. Bursich performed the work as a subconsultant to HNTB Corporation under a shared three-year General Engineering Contract (GEC) for SEPTA. The overall task order called for reconstruction of the upper 15-foot-high-by-150-foot-long portion of the stone retaining wall adjacent to the SEPTA tracks, located below 32nd Street between Chestnut Street and Walnut Street in Philadelphia. The project involves the partial demolition and reconstruction of the retailing wall utilizing pre-cast concrete modular units. Additional survey requirements along 32nd Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets included property lines, city street house and curb lines, vertical profile, location of street level aerial utilities, utility poles, sanitary and stormwater manholes, etc.


Lehigh Gap Rock Fall Mitigation

maesh and picture

Weston Solutions, Inc. was retained by the National Park Service to resolve an issue of an unstable rock face that loomed over a cantilevered section of Route 248 in Palmerton, PA. Bursich utilized its 3D scanner to portray the many facets of the unstable mass so that knowledge of where the rock would fall during the scaling and scraping process could be obtained. This data was not obtainable via photogrammetry or conventional survey methods. At the base of the nearly 400-foot-high rock face that spanned over 1,500 feet was a very heavily traveled cantilevered highway, an active railroad, and the Lehigh River, which required us to utilize the scanner at distances from 50 to 1,000 feet. Access to the highway and railroad were not necessary due to its no contact measurements. The project delivered 3D and 2D drawings with a cross-section of the rock face that portrayed a 3D mesh of the intricate surface. The project took approximately three weeks and was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. After reviewing our deliverable it was stated that "...our work was of extremely high quality and was some of the best we have ever seen."


Marketplace at Oaks Water Tower Scan

scan and photo

The Marketplace at Oaks contains roughly 300 acres of commercial property that facilitates a Target Retail Store, Regal Cinemas Movie Theater, A Rock Gym, an Expo Center, as well as many other similar businesses off the Oaks exit along the 422 Corridor in Upper Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA. On the property, resides a 125-foot-tall water tower. Audubon Land Development wanted to utilize the tower to advertise all of the many amenities it had to offer within the complex. Through the use of our 3D scanner our field surveyors were able to scan the tower and provide 2D drawings that detailed the major facets of the structure to enable the advertisers to have success in their design. The project was extremely inexpensive and produced a fast turnaround for the client. The scanner's no contact measurement and long distance range provided easy acquisition of the data and eliminated the need for dangerous climbing.


S.R. 4022 Fascia Beam Scan

S.R. 4022 Fascia Beam

In late 2008, a tractor trailer hauling drilling equipment struck the overpass of S.R. 4022, bending the fascia beam nearly six inches out of alignment. The structure spans the four-lane S.R. 220 Highway in Sayre Township, Bradford County, PA. PennDOT District 3-0 offered our client, J.D. Eckman, Inc. of Atglen, PA, an opportunity to value engineer/repair the damaged structure in place by heating the steel and bending it back into original condition. This method helped to avoid costly reconstruction of the bridge deck from the alternate solution, which would have required them to completely remove and replace the damaged beam, in addition to a portion of the bridge deck. PennDOT accepted our client's proposal and chose to use our 3D laser scanner to accurately depict the deflection on a profile drawing broken down into one-foot increments. Bursich captured the data without the need for lane closures and completed the project much faster than conventional methods would have produced.

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