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Providence Town Center is a $152-million regional shopping center on 82 acres in Upper Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA. The high-profile 740,000-square-foot center is designed as a "Life Style Center" flanked by traditional big box stores and an independent Wegman's grocery store. Extensive use of hardscape and landscaping encourages the customers to walk throughout the site to view what is ahead. Two courtyards were placed at focal points to be used for local community events. Utilizing the current best management practices for stormwater, the parking lots drain into landscaped areas to promote infiltration before the water is funneled into a combination of above-ground and underground basins. The construction of this shopping center was coordinated with the Route 29 widening project for PennDOT. Bursich received two consecutive Plat Competition awards in 2010 and 2011 from the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors for ALTA/ACSM for the Wegman's and entire shopping center, respectively.

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