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Shannondell is a Senior Living Community located on 120 acres in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA. It consists of 2,000 independent living units arranged in four neighborhoods of mid-rise apartment buildings. Bursich has been integrally involved with the design and construction of Shannondell. A high priority of this project involved retaining as much of the existing mature tree stands as possible. Beginning with sketches and proceeding through preliminary-final designs, approvals, survey stakeout, and as-builts, we have watched Shannondell proceed from an idea to watching the first three phases rise from the ground. Bursich was responsible for all site design including the use of new ponds for stormwater management, soil erosion controls, and extensive landscaping. The site is split by Mine Run, necessitating the need for a HEC-RAS study to determine the limits of the 100-year floodplain. Numerous approvals were obtained from the township, PennDOT, PA-DEP, and Army Corps of Engineers for the various permits associated with developing this project.

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